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I get lyrics from my dreams — Sun X



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The Afro-Pop and soft Raggea artiste, Sunday Enekebi Odogwu, popularly known as Sun X is a bundle of talent and creativity. The young talented star who signed into pepe records had several singles to his credit. Among the single that became instant hits are “Go crazy,” “blow my mind,” and the cover done for South African DJ “Lengoma”. However, the recently released single “FAKOSI” is now dominating the music chart in Nigeria and other African Countries. In this insightful interview with this celebrated upcoming artiste, he told AYODELE OSHIKOKHAI about his family, music career and gave a pass mark to Nigeria music industry and many more. Excepts:

Let’s have an insight into your background.
I was born in Lagos into the distinguished family of Mr. & Mrs. Odogwu whose root is firmly planted in Bayesa State in Nigeria. I was brought up under the disciplinary orbits of my parents who were enlightened enough to send me to school in London where I lived for some years before returning to Nigeria about Nine years ago to start my music career.
How was your growing up like?
I came from a very humble background and a very closely knitted Christian family. I would say, I had the best childhood upbringing anyone could ask for. During the formative years of growing up Lagos Nigeria my parents has always been passionate about our education and always push us to excel in our various careers. In Nigeria standard, my parent, were not rich, but comfortable enough to give us at least three square meals in a day to the glory of God.
You speak so passionately about your parent hospitality to those in need. Did you take after them in that direction?
The same blood of helping the down trodden and the poor still flows in my vain thus, I give out to anyone who come to me for help. If you come to me and I do not help you, it means I am not having, because you cannot give out what you do not have.
At what stage in your life did you veer into music?
I veered into music at my tender age. Music runs in my blood and it is still part of me till date. I was also a footballer, if I had not done what I am doing today, I would have been a striker of international repute.
What is your brand of music called?
My brand of music is called Afro-Pop or Soft Reggae music.
Tell us the kind of challenge and discouragement you once faced before your journey to Stadium?
The greatest challenge I had before I got signed into the record label was the death of my CEO who died before promoting me. I had to wait for another chance because I have to start all over again before Pepe records now came on board to promote me. My greatest discouragement came from people around me who says that the talent God gave to me as a striker would be much better than going into music. Since I had focus and interest in music, I have to work stubbornly to achieve that goal. Although, I listen to all kind of critics, but I did not lose focus. I think it is those people who knew my talent and interest in music that kept encouraging me to go ahead with what I knew best. All in all, I believe that nothing can stop a determined person who applies wisdom in whatever he/she does. Therefore with hard work, determination and consistency, you can achieve your goal.
How do you handle your female Admires particularly those who want to marry a celebrity?
It is a normal thing basically that you draw attention from the female folks when you are becoming famous I deal with them professionally, because I do not want side distraction from women now until I achieve my goal.
How many singles do you have to your credit?
I was sign to pepe records with such singles as “Go crazy” “Blow my mind”, I have also done for the South Africa DJ sub featuring Zahara title Lengoma and now the singles “FAKOSI”. Professionally, I have been in music for 9 years.
Where can one get your music to buy?
You can get all my music from the net when you download them directly from the net
How do you get your inspiration to write “FAKOSI”
The inspiration for this song came to me by 3am in a dream, when I woke up, I took a pen and a paper to jot it down. FAKOSI is a Yoruba word which means whatever you do, put a style into it as you can see in the single and the lyrics of the music how good they are; just in the same way FAKOSI tells of a girl that make shakara when you talk to her and eventually get caught in her own tricks.
Do you at any point in time fear that your music would be pirated?
My music has already been pirated. I need promotion from everyone as a young upcoming artiste. To avoid the slogan of piracy, I give out my audio CD out to people in the street to listen to especially in the area I live. Today I am giving out my audio CD FAKOSI for free. It is a way of people knowing more about me and my music, hence I want it everywhere. This is the reasons, why I want everyone to download my song from the net free. Once people start downloading your song, you become well known and the artiste is invited to shows where they make big money.
Can you assess Nigeria music industry at this stage of our development?
It is great and it is different from what it used to be, when I newly return from London. Nigeria music is one of the best in the world, in term of talent and creativity
Where do you wish to take your music to in the next five years?
In the next five years, I would like to take it to the next level by being nominated for a Grammy award. To be part of the great moment, the entertainment industry can bring to Africa. I want to be where I can be signing people for music and promote them.
How would you describe your hair signature?
I would say my hair style is unique, elegant and polished. It is a kind of identify signature. Although it is normal hair. It is unique to me and my fans.
How has your music journey been?
With all honesty, I would say it is mentally, emotionally and morally rewarding to be doing what I know how to do best.

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