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“I have many male admirers, but cannot date more than one”



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Dayo  Amusa whose name rings a bell in the entertainment industry in Nigeria for the post 10 years could be said to be one of the Nigeria’s biggest box office actress who makes marketer smile to the bank. She is regarded by her peers as an actress in a class of her own; prolific and proficient woman who acts all manners of make-believe, like in the movie “Adewunmi Iberu”. The screen goddess, who straddles the mainstream Nollywood and the Yoruba sector of the film industry, has starred in many VCD blockbusters and cable all over the world before venturing into music. In this interview with Ayodele Oshikokhai, she spoke about her background, the issues is the movie industry, her takes on sex for role in the movie industry and many more.

YOU have been around for a while, can you tell us about your journey into the world of acting and about yourself, beyond the screen goddess you are known as?
My name is Dayo Amusa as you have already known. I am the first child of Engr. Kolawole Rasheed Amusa and his wife Mrs. Abiola Amusa who is a business woman. My education kick started at Kenny Tee Private School Suru-lere, Lagos and Mayflower Secondary School Ikene Remo in Ogun State before I got Admission into Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta where I had a Diploma in Food Science and Technology. In May 2002, I veered into acting and in 2006 I went into film production. My first movie is “AJEGBODO”. So far I have produced 10 movies and featured in so many films.

What kind of person are you?
I am an indoor person, I like staying at home. I am a very blunt person and a realist. I am an Actress, a singer and entrepreneur all together.

As a role model to Nigerians, how do you handle competition in the industry?
As far as I am concerned, I do not see any competition in the industry, I can say that I am only seeing creative minds trying to do what they know how to do best. I am not in competition with anybody and I do not think anyone over there is in competition with me. I just do things in my own ways. Everybody is just trying to make positive statement in the society, just to make good name and make positive impact in human’s life at the end of the day.

How many movie you have featured in and which one is most challenging?
As I have said, I featured in so many movies which I have lost count, but the one that I can say that was a big challenge to me is “Unforgivable: produced by me and directed by Austine Nwaolie

What do you consider as the greatest achievement in your life since you veered into movie world over a decade ago?
To be candid with you, what I considered to be my greatest achievement since I veered into the world of acting about 13 years ago, was my ability to be able to impact positively into the lives of others, especially the youths who are looking unto me.

What do you fear most in life?
What I fear most in life is “LIFE ITSELF”

What is your general assessment of Nollywood in Nigeria?
Before now, there were so many critics between the Yoruba and Ibo sectors of the movie industry, but we are all one under the Nollywood. I am happy that today, a lot of things have changed positively in Nollywood, technically and story wise. Everyone is trying to put efforts in doing the right thing, so that at the end of the day one would have something to lay down for the upcoming artistes that are actually inspired to be in the entertainment industry.

You are known to be endowed with ability to interpret scripts, just the same way you did in the movie “ADEWUNMI IBERU” that depicted you as a ruthless and daring woman. Can you recognize your character in that movie and in real life?
Well, “ADEWUNMI IBERU” was an armed robber, a hard woman who was at the utter end of nature, she so much believe in what she believes in therefore, she went for what she believes in undermining the consequences. In a similar way, and in reality, I am a kind of person who goes for what she believes in. once I believe in something, I do not bother what people may say, unless that person idea is for better than mine that is when I can key to his or her ideas I am that kind of person that is positive about my thinking to put reality to what I do. Above all, I am a very blunt person and cool headed person as well.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I am not an introvert and I am not fully an extrovert as well.

What is your perception of “sex for role” many people think exist in the movies industry?
I cannot answer the question objectively because I have never experienced anything relating to that. You can only confirm what you experience. I distaste one getting her way to the top through the back door because it takes two to tangle. If a lady and the man do not have something in common, such a thing will not happen because there must be a mutual agreement before such a thing can happen
The issue of if you do not do this with me you will not have your way to the top is not realistic, although, people do it, but I believe, if you want something, you should be focused , work hard and direct your attention to it, you will surely get it.

Can you tell us about your hairstyle signature?
I do not actually have one particular hairstyle. I am that kind of person who go for what suite me, sometimes, I go on my natural hair, sometimes, I just do what makes me comfortable.


We heard that you are grooming someone to take over from you when you quit the stage. Can you throw more light on this?
Well, if you should say so, but the point is that I have a lot of upcoming artistes who are looking onto me and I still have those that are working with me. May be in the next 50 years, I would have been able to count people that come into the industry that are able to make something out their lives.

If you have another opportunity to come back into this world, would you still like to be an Actress?
If I had another opportunity to come back into this world, I would still want to be an actress and I would want to start earlier.

How will you want to be remembered?
I would want to be remembered for my good deeds and for the lives of youths I have been able to impact on positively for being what I am. I am a realist, I do not expect much from people and I do not expect much from life either. All in all, I would want to be remembered for my good deeds.

As a beautiful, intelligent and resourceful woman, how do you handle the male admires who makes passes at you?
It is a natural thing of course that men would walk unto you for a relationship. Even if you are not an actress, men will always come to you. I make friends with a lot of people. It takes two to tango. I try to make my male admires understand that for the fact that you like me does not mean I date you. I can only date one person at a time and definitely, I cannot date everybody.