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I’ll make heaven, says Obasanjo



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By Odunewu Segun

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo at a huge gathering of the Apostolic Faith Church gathering faithful in Igbesa, Ogun State on Saturday told a mammoth crowds that he would make heaven despite what some Nigerians may think of his personality.

While giving his remark at the Church’s annual camp meeting concert with the theme: Be ready. Obasanjo told worshippers that neither his good works nor his personality would make him get to heaven but rather the abundant grace of God through Jesus Christ.

Stressing the importance of accepting Jesus Christ, Obasanjo said Christians have a good heritage and must be proud of that heritage. “There is nothing to be ashamed of when one is in Christ, I as a person is much proud to be a Christian. I implore Christians to be prepared as the second coming of Christ is certain and around the corner,” he said.

He said Jesus first coming was to show humanity the way to salvation and eternal life, stressing that anyone one who accept Jesus Christ will have eternal life while those who refused who have themselves to be blamed on the trumpet is sounded.

Speaking about the situation of Nigeria, the former President said Nigeria is in mess because both the leaders and the entire citizenry have turned their back against God.

“God can fixed the problems of Nigeria if only we have to invite individually and collectively repent of our sins and invite the good lord into our homes. It is not an individual thing, but rather a collective decision by all,” he said.

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Also speaking at the event, the chief host and District Superintendent of the Apostolic Church for West and Central Africa (WECA), Rev Bayo Adeniran, said various natural and unnatural disasters currently being witnessed across the globe was pointing to the fact that the world is in the end times.

He enjoined Christians to be mindful of this signs, and also be prepared as the theme of the camp meeting preaches. “You have to be fully prepared for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, there’s no compromising or half measures. You’re either on the right hand side of Jesus Christ or the left hand side,” he emphasized.

Rev Adeniran explained that what Nigeria and Nigerians needed at this point in time is for everybody to go before the Lord in prayers. According to him, economic and political crises are not peculiar to Nigeria, “it is the sign of the end times,” he said.

But for every troubled soul or country, there is a solution, he said. “It is high time we took our position. Whether to be collectively for God or against him. There is no middle way,” Rev Adeniran said.

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