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I’m not in entertainment because of my mum — Ojayy Wright



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Ediale Kingsley had the pleasure of chatting with Bukky Wright’s son (Ojayy Bright)

WHEN did you decide to make music your hustle?
Three and half years ago, I did a mix tape and got the privilege to perform at the NEA awards in London 2012. That’s when I and the team decided to make it happen.

How is the acceptance of your single, Kritical 265?
Most people like it, while some are also giving their constructive criticism. Critiques spur me. I am happy for all the reviews and rave so far.

What’s the inspiration behind Kritical 265?
We wanted a club banger, my previous singles sounded too foreign. After partying hard at Quinlux, we got into the studio for two days straight and that’s what led to Kritical265.

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Why not acting like your mum?
I didn’t want to act because my mother is already doing that and because of the stigma and pressure the society would put on me. I use to act in stage dramas when I was in high and elementary school. However the reality is that music is for me a calling. I have been writing music since I was seven years old. My love for music supersedes any other form of entertainment.

What are you bringing into the music scene?
Structure! Things are much more organized over there than in here. That’s what I am bringing. I think the structure is the only thing that’s missing in the industry at the moment.

Is there any collabos with the industry shakers on the pipeline?
There are projects in the works. Don’t want to give names, I have met with a couple of artistes…I have met with Lil Kesh, Wande Coal; However, I am not insinuating any collabos with these people yet. But I have met with a lot of artistes outside the label. We will also be working with producers from other labels…like the guy that produced Kritical265, isn’t from my label. But we were able to come together and make this work.

What awards do you want to grab quickly?
NEA and Headies… it’s the biggest award event in Nigeria…if you don’t aspire to be in that platform then what are you doing? It shows you are not ready. For me that’s where my eyes are set on right now.

So how was setting up your own label like?
My cousin (Ahmed with stage name as H.O.P) and I had the idea back in the states when I was in school and then pitched to my mother, but she wanted me to finish my studies first…so we went back to school…but still doing music on the side. When we got out in 2014… I gave my mum the proposal and plan, she liked it and agreed. But she wanted to be sure I could produce the kind of songs that we discussed after listening to our songs she finally bought the idea.

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What’s been the challenge so far?
Apart from the funds…The aspect of people stigmatizing you or the fact that people feel I am doing music because my mum is a star or so I can be in the news has been the basic challenge until recently. I just have to convince people that I am not into music because we have the means to. I am into music because I love music and I want to show people that I have what it takes to be the best. I am not the kind of person that starts something and not finish it…I have a quote on my instagram “there’s no point playing the game if there’s no way you are going to win”. And that’s my kind of person…if I am into this I am in to win. I use to have a hard time convincing people to believe in me and invest. Thank God my mum is doing that already.

In five years time, where do you see yourself?
I have a bunch of connect I would want to use I stayed in us for 6 years…so in five years time I want to be an international act. I want to play at the Pan-African and international stage. The market here is large…these are my people…I will need to create a name for me here first before…launching out there.

There are a lot of scandals scattered on the internet concerning your mum, how prepared are you to tackle scandals about you?
The best way is to avoid any scandalous act; I don’t want to have to explain anything to the press. I am a private person…you guys will work very hard to catch me on that.

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