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Influencing and Influences: A call for self-evaluation



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Young people frequently lead societal movements and trends. The younger group significantly alters the cultural landscape through music, fashion, social media, and activism. But what drives these societal fads, and how do they impact youth?

A group of people’s common values, customs, and beliefs are what are known as their culture.

Young people are susceptible to cultural influences from a range of sources. The beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of young people are greatly influenced by their family, friends, and coworkers.

It is crucial to realize that culture is not determined by DNA but rather by all of the actions we adopt from those around us, as well as those we create based on the information we learn on a daily basis and that we share with others as we engage with them throughout our lives.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

In today’s complex society, media structures have a significant influence on the lives of young people due to their increased dependency on media as compared to previous years.

In particular, the media has a big impact on the younger population and society as a whole. The youth of today are subjected to a wide variety of media, with social media being the most profound.

In today’s Nigeria, the propagation of “easy breezy limelight” has been on the road as there’s a large population of persons who are constantly scheming the easy way out to being the next big thing through mediums like comedy, beauty, music… and even the double standards “roasting” will make it to this list.

Photo by Hester Qiang on Unsplash

Influencers are on the rise, or “Influenzas,” as the OGs like to tweak it, and there’s a terrific wave ready to carry anyone who misunderstands or misinterprets this concept.

The juice of this article is not an exposé on “influencing,” but rather to nip at the question.

“What is the truth behind influencing and what should it not do for you?” as a call to self-assessment because the answers are relative and revolve around this one truth: Influencing should come from a place of devotion to the truth that you embody, and that will bring you to a higher and more respectable calling than a facade with episodes of constant self-criticism and a delusional life.
















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