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LoveWorld USA set to be America’s most-watched TV Station



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LoveWorld USA launched last year on TV Spectrum has now moved to Verizon, America’s largest cable television network, through which 33 cities in the East Coast of the United States and many more will be saturated with the gospel of Christ, Christian values as well as the demonstration of the raw power of the Holy Spirit.
The television channel was launched then by President of Believers’ LoveWorld Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in partnership with Pastor Benny Hinn of the Benny Hinn Ministries as a big step for the BLW in demonstrating the power of God on a daily basis in the United States and around the world, according to Pastor Deola Phllips, the CEO of the BLW Inc.
“The expansion will be even more significant with LoveWorld USA TV’s change of network to Verizon (Ch. 795) on the 1st of March,  2018,” she said, adding It will translate into influence on the economic, political and business centre of not only America but of the whole  world.
The initial move dates back to 2003 when Pastor Chris pioneered the world’s first Christian broadcasting network operating 24 hours daily. Fifteen years later, the television arm of the BLW is now broadcasting on over 480 TV stations reaching over 180 nations across the world.
The channel will have a bouquet of contents—including children, sermons, local and international news—all tailored towards Evangelicals in North America. Pastor Chris believes that the American Evangelical values are those of the BLW, too.
As part of the news content, Pastor Chris, on Your LoveWorld programme, has been hosting Christian leaders from Israel, interviewing them on the rich connection of Christianity to the country, and the deep root of the Bible to the Jewish nation.
The Evangelical community in the United States, many believe, is a strong defender of Israel. And so the show confirms the mutual values the ministry and that group of American Christian have in common.
Pastor Chris has said this development is a foreshadow of bigger things to come in expanding the reach of BLW in the US and across the globe.
Core programmes of the LoveWorld USA are Atmosphere for Miracles and Pastor Chris Teaching, Rhapsody Travels, This is Your Day by Pastor Benny Hinn and Crusade Classics, Your Loveworld being co-hosted by Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny, and other anointed ministers of the gospel. More are on the
Millions all over the world have been saved, healed and delivered through these ministrations.
The USA Daily Review through its website had announced that LoveWorld USA TV is moving to Verizon, one of the largest American Networks in the country. This is just one step out of a whole expansion process of the Christ Embassy megachurch, aiming to spread the Evangelical message around the world through its leading Pastor Chris  Oyakhilome.
According to information on the website, monitored by National Daily, The recent launching of LoveWorld USA TV on spectrum TV last year expanded their reach to a new North American  audience.
“Pastor Chris Oyakhilome partnered with Pastor Benny Hinn for this joint project. Both are world-renowned televangelist and thus the move is not surprising,” the USA Daily Review said.