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Nigeria is ruled by ‘ignorance, incompetence, arrogance – Falana



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Femi Falana, human rights lawyer, says Nigeria is largely ruled by “ignorance, incompetence and arrogance”.

He lamented the spate of killings without “sincere efforts” on the part of the government to proffer lasting solutions.

“The nation is largely ruled by ignorance, incompetence and arrogance on the part of the ruling class. Since 1999 the country has witnessed avoidable ethnoreligious and communal clashes,” he said.

“We have witnessed insurgency, militancy and herdsmen’s attacks which could have been prevented by the government. Each of these crises has confirmed the failure of intelligence and incompetence of the government.

The lawyer said President Muhammadu Buhari cannot be exonerated from allegations associated with the “cabal”.

He said members of the cabal Buhari “chose as his friends”, have been accused of abuse of power, corruption and breach of due process.

“People who know President Buhari say he is a man of integrity. The electorate voted for him on that basis,” he said.

“So far, he has not been accused of involving himself in corrupt practices or primitive accumulation of wealth like his predecessors. But members of the cabal of power mongers who are close to him have been accused of abuse of power, corruption and breach of due process.

“Since the president chose his friends you cannot exonerate him from the allegations associated with the cabal. It is a case of tell me your friend, I tell who you are. His wife, Mrs. Aisha Buhari was the first person to alert the nation that a cabal had hijacked power from the president.

“For instance, the president says he is now a democrat. But a democrat must ensure that court orders are obeyed. The president says he believes in the rule of law. But why does he allow officials of the government to engage in impunity by disregarding court orders?”

Falana said the Buhari administration is sabotaging its own fight against corruption “through the questionable reinstatement of highly corrupt public officers”.

According to him, the national assembly has failed to pass some bills that would strengthen the war against corruption.


“No doubt, the Buhari administration declared a war on corruption. But the regime is currently sabotaging the war through the questionable reinstatement of highly corrupt public officers,” the lawyer said.

“The national assembly has also failed to pass the bills for the establishment of the anti-corruption court, whistle-blowing bill, proceeds of crime bill etc. The Buhari regime has not mobilised and involved the Nigerian people in the fight against corruption.

“Hence the people have not joined issues with the legislators on the refusal to pass the necessary bills to fight corruption. By reinstating and retaining corrupt public officers the regime is encouraging corruption to fight back.

“The APC controls the majority of the members of the national assembly. Yet the assembly is dedicated to the frustration of the war against corruption.”