Malami crushes Magu, EFCC, undertakes burial of anti-corruption war in Buhari’s govt

As the suspended EFCC chairman Ibrahim Magu spends the 10th day in the coop, and 12 of his directors, and the commission’s secretary go into suspension, AGF/Justice Abubakar Malami is announcing the update, and it is all beginning to look like a triumph.

The war dates back to 2015, throws up series of battles which Magu, the tragic hero, survived, until last week that it climaxed in his arrest and detention or the order of a presidential panel sitting inside Aso Rock villa.

President Muhammadu Buhari set up the secret panel following a petition Malami submitted to him.

The petition heaves with 22 allegations those in Aso Rock describe as weighty. Magu was said to have been unable to account for over N550m, and that he gave away recovered loot to his friends and associates at giveaway prices.

Apparently, the biggest of the allegations is that of insubordination. Malamu said Magu has been a law unto himself, when he’s constitutionally subject to the AGF.

Te two have been at loggerheads on some of the high-profile corruption cases Magu would want to probe but the AGF would resist. Malami once called for the files of those suspects in the first term of the administration.

Magu has clarified some of the allegations, and has been fighting for bail so he could make stronger defence.

But the train of events has been moving against Magu since the probe panel, headed by retired Justice Ayo Salami, began its investigation.

No fewer than 12 of the commission’s directors have been eased into suspension by Buhari as advised by the panel. The secretary of the commission, Olanipekun Olukoyede, too, has been ordered to go on suspension.

According to Malami, the suspension is in compliance with the presidential order.

The purge going on in the EFCC may slow the momentum of the anti-graft war the Buhari administration likes to claim as its identity.