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Manchester United fans react to Garnacho’s role in Onana’s penalty save



Manchester United fans react to Garnacho's role in Onana’s penalty save
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Manchester United fans have reacted to Alejandro Garnacho’s role in Andre Onana’s penalty save. The Argentine was assumed to have employed the ‘dark arts’ to help his teammate save a last minute penalty in their Champions League win.

Harry Maguire’s excellent goal was enough for United as they beat Copenhagen 1-0 at home on Wednesday night.

Onana meanwhile grabbed the headlines after his penalty save in the 94th minute. The Cameroonian produced a magnificent save to help United secure all three points.

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The fans were however quick to note Alejandro Garnacho’s role in the save. Replays have gone to show the forward scuffing up the penalty spot as the rest of the players discussed the penalty foul with the referee.

‘I can’t lie I rate this from Garnacho,’ said another. ‘Oh dear Garnacho, I’ll rate you for the rest of my life,’ was another fan’s assessment.

One person who did not spot Garnacho’s ‘assist’ was the Copenhagen manager himself, with Jacob Neestrup saying post-match that he was unaware of the Argentine’s mischief.

Meanwhile, some have pointed out that the 19-year-old’s actions probably had little affect on the out come. Jordan Larsson’s spot-kick was still on target and still required a big save for Onana.

‘That penalty was struck cleanly, just poor placement. Nothing to do with the spot,’ a fan posted on Twitter.

Another wrote: ‘The scuffing of the spot didn’t make him miss let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill.’

But no one could take Onana’s night away from him, though the 27-year-old played down his heroics, telling TNT Sports: ‘I’m just doing my job, the most important thing is to win against a tough team.’

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