Masari dismisses Osinbajo presidency, tells promoters their candidate’s position in scheme of 2023

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The Progressive Consolidation Group (PCG), a group within the APC got a repartee from Katsina Gov. Bello Masari who took down their candidate V.P Yemi Osinbajo a peg or two.

The PCG is a political group pushing the candidacy of Osinbajo in the run-up to the 2023 election.

They went to sell Masari on the Osinbajo candidacy.

He, however, refused to be sold.

Masari would rather lecture them on scale of preference.

“Honestly, in whatever you do, I advise you to market first what APC has done. Why APC should be elected again in 2023,” he told the group when they visited him in the government house August 28.

“APC has to be strong enough to win an election before we can have a successful candidate.

The group leader Ahmed Mohammed had pitched Osinbajo as very ably qualified to continue the policies and programmes of President Buhari, beyond 2023.

“This is our conviction and we firmly believe that collectively, all pa rts of the country should join us on this mission of fielding the best among us come 2023 for a greater Nigeria,” Ahmed said, closing the pitch.

But Masari, in addition to objecting to the hard sell, refused to give the PSG what they asked: his view of Osinbajo.

“At an appropriate time, I will reply you,” he said.

Osinbajo has yet to declare his intention for his boss’ seat which the party’s national leader Bola Tinubu also is allegedly eyeballing.

And the V.P. has been consistent in neither denying nor accepting the possibility of him intending to contest.

He usually harps on the need to concentrate on working hard to help Buhari succeed.

Tinubu riffs on that regularly, too.