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More revelations of killings, alleged secret mass burials in military



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There is fresh allegation that the federal government has been recruiting ‘repented’ Boko Haram terrorists into Nigeria Army; with clandestine plots of allegedly executing genuine hard working soldiers on charges of mutiny. The report said to be from foreign media, further alleged that other soldiers are being set up, killed and secretly buried at midnight in mass grave. The report raised suspicion that “something is going on.”

There was also a report alleging that 54 Nigerian soldiers were sentenced to death for mutiny for refusing to fight the Boko Haram terrorists in Borno State. The soldiers identified to be a squad of the 7th Army Division in Maiduguri, were said to be convicted on charges of mutiny for refusing orders to go to battle to retake three towns held by the Islamist militants in northeastern Borno State; they were to be allegedly executed by firing squad.