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LoveWorld Next: Building great minds for the future  



Pastor Chris hosts a 5-day Your Loveworld Specials Live broadcasts from today
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The Loveworld Incorporation also known as Christ Embassy is hosting a Maiden Edition gathering of young entrepreneurs tagged – Loveworld Next Conference 2019 with Pastor  Chris. The Conference runs from a Thursday August 1 to Sunday August 4, 2019, and has well thought out tutelage handouts for the building of great minds for the future from the youth population with capacity to change their world.

National Daily was at the opening event of the conference on Thursday, August 1, where participants were taken into the divine realm of absorbing the WORD of God in the SOUL to develop functional MIND to stand UNIQUE and make the DIFFERENCE in the SOCIETY. Different speakers communicated the efficacy of the word in recreating the mind where the Holy Spirit dwells, which stimulates human actions that demonstrate the light God deposited in the Believer. The mind is the engine of ideas which fulfillment in realities of life can only be attained through tutelage, mentorship or training by a leader.

The Conference is, in all its ramifications, part of a framework of grooming practical and vibrant young believers in Christ Jesus and differentiating them from passive believers.

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Speaking at the Conference with over 15,000 participants, Pastor TT Edin, a member of the Central Executive Council Of the Ministry, said: The life of the Believer is stimulated by the light of God which culminates in the believer gaining global recognition; affirming that getting noticed is a divine right.” He maintained that the Believer that has the light of God in his/her life can never be obscure.

He added that David was not significant among the sons of his father, but God found him out to be King of the great nation, Israel. David was not a new creature in his days but participants at the Conference are all new creatures, assuring that it implies that greater will be the manifestation of God’s glory in them, and that GRACE has brought them thus far.

He mandated the participants to “expect to be noticed; expect to be seen;” adding: “and you cannot be obscure.”

He noted: “it doesn’t matter your ethnic identity, it doesn’t matter your family, it doesn’t matter your community, once the light is in you, you will be noticed.”

Pastor TT (as he is fondly called) recalled that God said let there be light in the world and there was light; elucidating that this shows that the world is darkness; and God said you are the light of the world. Every Believer is a carrier of the light of God, he insisted.

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He asked: “How can somebody in darkness call you a failure;” counseling: “Don’t allow somebody in darkness destroy your mind. Never be discouraged. The word is there for you. You are what God has said.”

Speaking further, he highlighted how the Believer can apply the light in the reality of life and using it to change environments or circumstances. Thus, he made the light and the word substances of influence and dominion. According to him, “wherever you are, don’t look down on it – be excellent. You are the light of the world; so, let your light shine to change the world.”

He also emphasized the imperatives of independent human actions for the sake of righteous rather than human reward or praises. He cited the function of the candle stick which illuminates light that influences the environment, drives away darkness and lightens the vicinity. The candle stick stood out significantly not by its recognition by other object in the environment but the function it performed, it was never obscure; other objects in the environment responded to the function of the candle light, he observed. “Don’t do things because people are looking at you. You can never be obscure. The spirit of excellence is in us; you are the candle stick,” he declared.

“You are in this world to make this world a better place,” he added.

The Believer, he said, is the vehicle for taking the gospel to the world not just by preaching the word but by the reflection of the word in the behavior of the Believer. You have the mandate of “taking the gospel to into people’s life. Wherever you are, it must resonate and make people see the light in you,” he declared.

He equally enumerated the benefits of learning and being taught to know; explaining that learning or mentorship guides one to accomplish goals in life. He noted that some people don’t like to serve others before establishing themselves. “You have to serve; you have to be mentored; you have to be taught. This is what the Next Conference 2019 is all about,” he declared.

He maintained: “You have to hit your target. Without training, people will miss out on the most important things in life.”

He drevealed that teaching or mentorship empowers and strengthens the mind in the right direction. He stated that mentorship help develops ideas stored in the mind to be accomplished in realities.

According to him, “In your mind is the Holy Spirit. Your mind is being refined; your mind is being renewed by the entrance of the word of God.”

He maintained: “The word of God converts the soul, changes you. The ideas you have are to be developed. People need mentorship; you need to midwife your thoughts and ideas into realities.”

The Cleric emphasized that the above phenomenon boosts the fortune of the mind into greatness. “Your mind is a fortune…when the word of God develops in you; you can’t think small, you see possibilities; you see positive things,” he declared.

He went on to note unequivocally that fear is a major inhibition of man.

He further emphasized the importance of reading and right companionship. He recalled a statement by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President, Loveworld Nation, many years ago that: “in 20 years you will remain the same person; what you read or who you associate with determine your future.” Apparently, the future is determined by investments individuals make in acquisition and renewal of knowledge.

“What are you reading, who are you associating with,” he asked.

“When the word sinks in your mind; you will see the skill, you will see the movement, you will see the inclination of God in you. When you have found the word, you will have a future,” He declared.