#NaDem: Ariko Johnson, Others jump on latest trend


As at the time of filing in this report it is still very much unclear as to how the Na Dem posts started. But it is currently trending and many persons of the internet are jumping on the trend.
Some attach the #NaDem hashtag while others simply narrates. It is basically about posting some notorious habits that has become a culture among the male or female folks.
Ariko Johnson, an Internet personality, actor and engineer also made some few posts of his own:
“I don’t ve s*x on the first date…Dem dey everywhere”.
Can I get a takeaway for my friend…na still dem o”. 
Not today pls, I’m on…na dem plenty pass”.
Other notable tweets on the trend are:
Chiekezi Dozie:
“It’s not a scam,it’s real, it’s not MMM, it’s a fast online modern corporative. Pay 13k & cash out 104k within a few hours.” – My brother run oooooo, #nadem
Oma Hummer:
Come and work for free! We wont pay you but we are giving you a platform😆 #NaDem
 Babasola Kuti:
I would have come to your see you but I am so broke I have not even paid my house rent for 10 years….Na Dem! #NaDem
Asake Agoro:
“I never go to the mainland except airport. I live on the island” Where ? “Agungi”  #NaDem
Planet FM Uyo:
Wetin be your #NaDem story or experience? Share us the gist! #NaDem


  1. this na dem is currently trending on my facebook account so I decided to make research on it that’s how I stubble here lol I love the trend when someone tells u #nadem no talking too much o boy run for ur life lol #jcee #tunes facebook