New deadly disease, Nipah virus, overthrows Ebola
  • Over 300 people placed on surveillance

A deadly zoonotic virus with high speed of death seems to be taking over from the dreaded Ebola virus that has been tormenting some Africa countries. The disease known as Nipah virus is currently creating big challenge for the authorities in India who are contending with its spread in the country.

National Daily learned that India placed over 300 persons under surveillance after a 23-year-old man was diagnosed with the Nipah virus, a rare and often deadly disease.

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Indian authorities had admitted that they have identified 311 people who may have come in contact with the man.

“All of them are under observation and have been told not to leave their homes. The disease has resurfaced a year after an outbreak killed 17 people,” a report indicated..

According to report, Nipah is a Zoonotic virus, meaning it is transmitted from animals to humans and has a death rate of 40% to 75% for the infected.