UCH, JUTH, others’ salaries delayed as FG runs out of cash

The management of the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan owing its staff May salary has revealed the federal government is yet to release fund.

The National Daily gathered from a June 3rd internal memo to the UCH heads of department, the director of administration, A.K. Shiyanbola, on behalf of the chief medical director, said the management is aware of the pay and hardship the payment delay has caused the workers.

He however said the management has contacted relevant authorities, and was told the UCH is among the agencies  for which manual warrants have been raised for funding.

The Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) and its counterpart in Benin too are going through a similar situation.

“The IPPS platform ran out of money while authorising our pyment anf that of other institutions,” said Dr Emeka  Alobu, financial secretary of JUTH.

“Based on the above, it is expected the salary would be paid as soon as possible,” said Shiynbola.

But a soure close to the finance inistry said  it seems the government is running out of cash to fund recurrent expenditures.

“Most revenue has been spent on debt servicing. It willworsen with the new minimum wage,” he told the National Daily. “They have to continue borrowing until the economy collapses or the devalue the naira.”

Delaying payments, poor service condition,and  labour mobility are among challenges facing Nigeria’s health sector, leading to industrial action, brain drain, and medical tourism.