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Obi refuses to denounce Obidients



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LP’s presidential candidate Peter Obi has admitted how much the OBIdient movement are contributing to his mission.

According to him, the passion the youths bring to the movement has been a source of inspiration for him.

Many Nigerians, however, consider the energy emanating from Obi’s base as negative, especially online where members show aggression and circulate fake news.

“To our OBIdient Family in Calabar, Cross River State; your show of love and solidarity to the movement yesterday have added so much courage and greater zeal to our common mission,” Obi tweeted following the group’s rally in Calabar on the weekend.

“United together, we will take back our country from bad governance, and institute true and diligent leadership and sustainable development.

“It is our journey, and we will never labour in vain. Nigeria’s Democracy must survive.  –PO,” he wrote.

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