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Ogun teenage killers learn money ritual instruction from Facebook



teenage boys behead
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The four teenage boys who murdered the girlfriend of one of them have revealed they got the instruction for the money ritual they wanted to use the girl for on Facebook.

Thy stated this on Monday while being paraded at the State Headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta.

The National Daily reported last Saturday Sofia was beheaded and her skull being crushed in a pot by the boys at Aregba.

According to the boyfriend Soliu, his accomplice Mustakeem brought the idea of befriending the girl, and using her for money ritual.

Sofiat and Mustakeem attended the same Islamic school

“Last December, Mustakeem gave me her number that I should be dating her. The first time Sofiat came to my house, I informed Mustakeem that she was around and that she had agreed to my proposal for a relationship.

“The second time Sofiat came, I told him, but he told me that she is not a good girl and advised that we should use her (for money rituals).

“Mustakeem said he saw a guideline for ‘Osole’ (money ritual) on Facebook and he had a screenshot of it.

“Since then, he had been disturbing me that we should use Sofiat for money ritual, but I didn’t agree with him.

“In fact, on many occasions, I lied to Sofiat that I am not at home just to dissuade her from coming.

“During the process, Mustakeem had ensured that we all make contributions towards other items needed for the ritual.

“So, eventually, Sofiat came to my house on Friday. I was inside my room with her while Mustakeem was outside. Later Mustakeem told me that we should go ahead and use her since all other needed items for the rituals are ready.”


Soliu told newsmen that he had regretted his action, urging other youths who are in a hurry to make money quickly to wait for their time.