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By Coach Goran Barjaktarevic

German born technician Barjaktarevic has identify some factors affecting football in Nigeria following the Golden Eaglet crash in the round of 16 in the ongoing 2019 Brazil world cup.

“The worst thing is the fact that football is increasingly losing its substance as a game or sport itself.

Unfortunately, it is turning into one platform for those people who want to become famous in rocket speed, to use it for completely other private political or business purposes”.

The experienced Coach is said given the wrong set of person to handle a will never think of the future.

“This “race” is mostly won by those who “did not have the time” to structurally learn the job, along with all the very relevant knowledge to work with people. For that reason, I just laugh when I read such superficial statements, which do not touch the real structure of the problem at all”.

Coach Goran Barjaktarevic

The “winners” are focused on shortcut alternatives through PR agencies. It has always been known that human resources are the most valuable resource in all jobs in the world.

Football is played by these same “humane resources”. It’s not enough if you just played football and could run fast, and now you wear expensive suit and drive expensive car. In order to successfully lead a team of 30 players, you must first be the man who sincerely wishes to all your players the best.

Players recognize this very quickly and only then they are ready to do whatever is required of them.

I have played three countries in the first leagues, but nowhere I offered this as a reference to get a job as a coach. The one who matters more where I played 20 years ago, than how much I really know about football, he has no idea about the job.

Likewise, who measures the value of a coach by his appearance in the newspapers and on TV. It’s better not to start with such “profile neuroticians” at all.I’m sorry for the Nigerian national team, because that country has very good individual players who could reach a lot.

I have been coaching for 20 years and what I have written to you are not any of my beliefs. This is my direct professional experience as a coach on 3 continents.