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Ours is to reduce risk, vulnerability in organisation — Mike, ARC Trainer.



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A chat with Michael Kenny, a trainer with International Academy for Security Management Training (ARC) revealed some security imperatives and the need to mitigate risk and vulnerability in work place. OKOSUN OKHUELEIGBE serves you the excerpts.

WHAT do the participants stand to gain at the end of this training course?
Before asking your question, I just like to say that we have approved partnership training with Pahek Security Consulting Company here in Nigeria. I am the ARC International Training Manager. ARC training is part of a wider group, the Link International, and has a number of sister companies. ARC delivers the classroom basic security and tends to concentrate on distance learning courses which are closely aligned with ARC United Kingdom. We offer certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses. We have technical training security company which is well established in the field of security installation and training. Links International is the wider of which ARC is a component company within a group. The training that I have delivered here this week is what we normally term the entry level. It is a security coordination management course essentially open to practising security professionals and practitioners within various organisations or maybe somebody who has very little security exposure. It dealt with security risk analysis and methodology that sets the standard for methodology. We had threat and risk analysis. They were also given training on how to mitigate and reduce those risks in organisation and that include perimeter security, building security, information security. We looked at examples of where vulnerability existed and examined case studies. On the final day, the delegates complete their project for presentation. We expect them to demonstrate all the modules that have been taught through the course for presentation.
You are in partnership with Pahek running this course . How has that improved the quality of security service in the country?
It would be disingenuous for me to say we have not improved security service. However, what we are doing with Pahek is to be able to elevate the level of security management training within the security sector. We are elevating security practices, providing education for practitioners in need so that they can promote the elements of security.
How do you get feedback from participants? Are you satisfied with the quality of service they are rendering?
ARC training has been established for over a decade and we have found that we have a number of companies and individuals that have come back for repeat training. They have found the training valuable and they wish to pursue other courses within our portfolio and to increase their skills.
In terms of the training you give, what has to be done to ensure vulnerability is limited?
The security management course we are delivering here is an elevated level of security management cutting across stages one, two and three with other elements and components. As regards addressing vulnerability, we provide the security managers here with a methodology in which to reduce vulnerability and risk exposure in their own organisations. In security management plan and security strategy policy and procedure which contain a number of elements, we try to reduce vulnerability. Reducing vulnerability cannot rely only on physical assets; we cannot surround ourselves with high perimeter fencing, CCTV, alarm systems. It has to be a combination of these. For us, elevating security is to build a relationship which is symbiotic with the rest of the organisation. Security should be seen as a component of an organisation; therefore, there should be a complete interaction with security and the rest of other employees within the organisation.
Do you render training in other African countries?
Presently, we run courses in West Africa and East Africa. We are looking out in reaching the market in Ghana. We have established here for a number of years in Nigeria and presently have approved partnership with Pahek. West Africa is a very familiar ground for us over a decade and the same for East Africa.
Are you satisfied with the level of participation in all these countries?
I am extremely satisfied. Yes, we have an established brand and we are looking at reaching out and establish more approved partners within the region

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