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Oyedepo says 1979 revelation about Nigeria will come to pass



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Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide David Oyedepo has maintained Nigeria will not breakup no matter the challenges it faces.
He said this in a satellite telecast of the church’s prayer session on Monday.
The preacher had led the church in a 30-minute breakfast prayer for the country.
Oyedepo said his declaration was made known to him through divine revelation in 1979 while praying for the well-being of the country.
“The good news is that Nigeria will rise again to glory,” he assured.
He led members in prayer for peace and prosperity of the country.
Prayers were also made for God to intervene and direct the government to make policies that would be to the benefit of the people and the country.
“Nigeria shall not see war; God will visit eternal silence on every religious bigot being used to cause war; there will be no bloodshed in the country.
“Let Nigeria know peace; make this our independence gift; let every religious manipulator be stopped today.
“We shall not see war in this country again.
“God has given us peace today for the economic and industrial revolution of Nigeria as a great nation.
“No agent of the devil will cause problems (for this country).”

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