The LoveWorld Nation’s President Pastor Chris Oyakhilome kick-started the ministry’s  2019 Higher Life Conference Port Harcourt on Friday.

 The Man of God’s entry into the Adokie Amiesiemaka Stadium was greeted by rapturous ovation of thousands of participants as he led the congregation in worship sessions and ministrations sparked by his rendition of “The Old Rugged Cross”.

 Pastor Chris then expounded John 3:16—about eternal life for believers.

 According to him, the portion of the Scripture was the sovereign declaration of Almighty God separating those who believe from destruction, waste, failure and damnation.

 “What is everlasting life? To understand everlasting life you have to understand eternal life. When you use the term eternal, you mean ageless, without a beginning, without end,” he said.

 “Eternal life is not subject to failure. Everlasting life is a product of eternity. Everlasting means you do have a beginning but you have no end, you are part of eternity. Angels are eternal because God made them everlasting.”

 He also differentiated between everlasting and eternal, saying when God makes someone eternal He imparts that one with everlasting life, although that man has a beginning.

 “When God made man He made man to be everlasting. When you were born again, you were brought up from your humanity to eternity and then you become everlasting.”

 The conference which began Friday will continue through Sunday in the Garden City.

And the three days will be packed with teaching by Pastor Chris who will be expanding, revealing, illuminating and renewing Christians’ understanding of God and the Christian life.

“It will be a time of power, purpose and plenty in the Holy Ghost. Many will be ushered into a higher realm of glory in Christ Jesus, where all things are possible,” said the programme’s Organizing Committee Chairman, Pastor Amaechi Udeaku.