Pastor Chris: God’s voice for global awakening

Pastor Chris hosts a 5-day Your Loveworld Specials Live broadcasts from today
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  • Celebrating Apostleship and Selfless Commitment to the Liberty and Prosperity of Humanity

By Deji Olubusi

DRIVEN by the vision to take the divine presence of God to the nations of the world and to demonstrate the character of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has in over three decades remained unwavering in raising generations of men and women who will come into their inheritance and fulfill their God’s given dream.

That is why the testimony of the astronomical growth of his Ministry is a story of bringing men to their inheritance in Christ irrespective of their backgrounds, culture, nationality, and or academic background. The gospel of Jesus Christ as enunciated by Pastor Chris has defied all odds, and manifested across national and international borders setting men and women free from the bondage of ignorance and poverty, proof positive that the word of God works.

This is basically why he is celebrated world over because aside preaching the gospel, his light shines globally even in areas of human development and social capital as he has impacted the world through his philanthropy.

To this end, every year, the 7th of December is set aside to celebrate this exceptional gift from God to humanity whose gestures are not only worthy of emulation but has become a transforming channel across the globe. A day celebrated globally to appreciate the goodness of God to humanity. This day has adorned a different meaning in the last one year as Pastor Chris is committed to help children of God understand, and appreciate the time we live like the sons of Issachar. Little wonder he has taken it upon himself towards the body of Christ in an unprecedented manner in preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Healing to the Nations
No Minister of the gospel or healing minister has impacted the world through healing as he has done in the last one year. The experience is nothing less than saturating the earth with the healing powers of our Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus said in John 14:12, “…He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father,” many in the body of Christ interpreted this to mean new types of healing miracles. However, what could be greater than raising the dead, as accomplished in the ministry of Jesus? Pastor Chris’ ministry this year suggests that the Master spoke, not only of the quality of the miracles, but the proliferation of the miraculous in a hurting world.

The Healing Streams LIVE Healing Services with Pastor Chris broke all records in Church history with an attendance of billions from every nation of the world and millions of testimonies of healing miracles from Australia to Argentina. Never before has a Church event been translated into 4,000 languages, going as far as penetrating the borders of one of the world’s most repressive governments in North Korea.

The Healing School of Christ Embassy, which typically congregates the sick, especially those beyond the assistance of medical science, last held a physical session in the first quarter of the year 2020, interrupted by the advent of an unexpected “plandemic.” To the joy of millions who had set a time for their healing and were unable to attend a Healing Service with the man of God due to changing travel regulations, LoveWorld took to the airwaves to bring to pass the desire of Jesus to see all men in health.

If the Lord Jesus returned today, it would be on record that His words in John 14:12 did not fall to the ground. Through His Apostle, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, little children, women, the elderly and the poor all received a touch of divine healing and restoration.

A Voice Crying “Prepare the Way”
The year 2021 opened with a gathering of thousands at the Christ Embassy Crusade Grounds in Asese, Nigeria, and millions more participating from Church centers and homes in every continent. Pastor Chris announced 2021 to be “the Year of Preparation,” instructing the global audience to prepare their hearts to serve the Lord, to make preparations for the house of God, to prepare with the Gospel, and to prepare to meet God.

Like the voice of John the Baptist preparing the way for the Lord Jesus, Pastor Chris began to strengthen the revelation of Jesus’ imminent return, which he began to unveil in 2020, to be much sooner than we all imagined. This singular shift has resulted in a greater unity in the body of Christ as ministers in the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network (ISMMN) and the Rhapsody Evangelistic Outreach Network (REON) consolidate efforts in line with the spirit of the message. In 2021 alone, REON ministers organized over 5 million outreaches which culminated in the salvation of 600,000 souls.

In an effort to prepare the Church of Christ for the rapture, which according to Pastor Chris’ scriptural exegesis could take place in less than 9 years, he began to call on ministers of the Gospel to re-examine worship and prayer in a desire to walk in truth. The revival of selfless prayers, sparked by the teachings of Pastor Chris in “YourLoveWorld” TV series, spread into the subject of true worship in 2021. Pastor Chris, who is known to be the Pastor of many of the world’s most renowned Christian musicians, began to expound on the origins of music and the Spirit’s instructions concerning true worship and praise.

Beyond the teaching, he inaugurated a new and prolific choir, replete with talent and godly desire, infusing into the body of Christ over a hundred new songs powerful enough to transport even the most unbelieving soul into heavenly ecstasy.

As one on divine assignment, Pastor Chris led congregations of millions to “sing new songs to the Lord” during the “YourLoveWorld” sessions and special Worship/Praise Nights throughout the year. By this, we are reminded that Christ Jesus is coming back for a Church without spot, blemish, or any wrinkle: a perfect Church. Who better to administer the divine agenda to prepare God’s people for His return than an Apostle so bold and unapologetic about truth?

Pastor Chris continued to lead the world in the longest-standing unbroken prayer chain. The first-of-its-kind PastorChrisLive Pray-a-Thon has hosted an epochal 30,000 plus sessions of 15-minute blocks handled by more than 4,000 praying groups of several Christian ministries. Speaking of the end-times, the Lord Jesus and the Apostles emphasized the role of prayers for all men, selfless prayers that establish the will of God in the name of Jesus, while maintaining laser focus on separating God’s people from the prayers of the “give me” kind. No wonder his Global Days of Prayer continue to see participation of billions of people of all races, ethnic nationalities, and nations. The revelation of the Christian’s place in Christ as the restraining force against Satan’s evils has sunk into the Church like never before and has resulted in several victories won against the COVID-19 agenda, revealed by Pastor Chris to be a satanic ploy to buy more time of tyranny over the nations.

“The Prophet in Israel”
2 Kings 6:8-23 tells the story of the king of Syria’s war against Israel and the constant undermining of his military tactics due to what he assumed was clandestine operations of Israeli forces that had infiltrated his administration. In words that reflect the testimony of millions concerning the man of God, one of the servants of the Syrian king said “Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, telleth the king of Israel the words that thou speakest in thy bedchamber.”

With every new episode of the “YourLoveWorld” telecasts that have become the bane of nefarious shadow governments around the world, Pastor Chris brings to light the discussions of powerful men and women concocted in their “hidden” chambers. Months before the Covid vaccine was released, Pastor Chris informed that a false solution to the pandemic would be presented in the form of a vaccine developed in “record time”. He also spoke of the mandatory vaccination that would be birthed as a result, going into surprising detail even concerning the advent of vaccine passports months before anyone endorsed them for feasibility.

Pastor Chris spoke concerning the variants of the COVID-19 virus and the panic they would cause in an effort to increase vaccination rates globally. He spoke about these months before the first variant was announced, and though some of his statements were initially tagged as conspiracy theories, they have now proven to be true. The chief of these was his postulation that the virus was engineered in a laboratory; news that was once fact-checked by Facebook and other social media platforms but has been forcefully accepted in the mainstream.

As the days go by, many continue to wonder if there really is an end in sight to the “plandemic”, and in these times, the man of God, Pastor Chris has proven to be the only voice worth hearing with his consistently accurate predictions of government actions and spiritually inspired solutions. Pastor Chris stirs the Church up to pray, and indeed, the resultant testimonies have been uncommon.

“They have failed” has been the consistent clause on the lips of all his followers in reference to the sinister agenda of the Deep State to forcefully vaccinate the world in order to achieve population reduction.

If we called him the most accurate living Prophet today, the records would prove this to be true.

Best-Selling Authorship of Global Relevance
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Rhapsody of Realities, dubbed “the Rhapsody of God”, remains the leading publication in the world, second only to the Holy Bible. The devotional, fondly referred to as the Messenger Angel, is currently translated into 4,900 languages, with billions of copies distributed in print and electronic formats in every country and territory of the world. Through this best-selling daily devotional, 3,200 language Churches were established this year.

Rhapsody of Realities thrusts out the nets with diverse innovations to propagate the Gospel, including a world-class movie production titled “5th Avenue”. The four Rhapsody Online Prayer Conferences hosted in the year were attended by billions of ministers in the REON and REON Youth Networks, translators of Rhapsody of Realities, the Global Distributors’ Network, and other readers and users of the devotional.

A fraction of this singular accomplishment becomes the highlight of the life and times of many best-selling authors, yet it does not begin to scratch the surface when it comes to the influence of the President of LoveWorld Inc.

The Burden of Every Child
The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International, a coalition of humanitarian efforts stemming from the man of God, Pastor Chris, continues to elude the attention of mainstream media and her unsanctified desires for profit through trading in deception and fear. This year, the InnerCity Mission of Pastor Chris opened her 8th free school for children who would otherwise have had no hope of an education. Not only do the InnerCity Mission Schools in Yola, Owerri, Aba, Festac, Ikeja, Simawa, and Badagry of Nigeria feed the minds of indigent children with prime education, they also provide nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hundreds of children at no cost to their families. School uniforms, books, and other requirements for an elementary education are not left out. The impact of the InnerCity Mission extends beyond schools in Nigeria to free institutions in India, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Pastor Chris, in addition to supplying the needs of the indigent also gives his attention to the future of Africa, the young emerging leaders from the continent whom he supports with mentorship and funding. The Future Africa Leaders’ Awards (FALA) recognized another set of young African social entrepreneurs and leaders with cash prizes of $10,000 for several winners and $20,000 for the Star Prize Winner.

The Next Generation
Chris Oyakhilome’s LoveWorld Inc. has the largest population of youth in any global organization represented in her several youth ministries: the BLW Campus Ministry, with over 1,500 fellowships globally; the LoveWorld Teens and Youth Ministry; the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum, enlisting millions of youth for global change; the LoveWorld Graduate Network, equipping LoveWorld’s graduates to add value to society and thereby earn commercial value; and, the Rhapsody Evangelistic Outreach Network (REON) Youth arm.

Through each of these platforms, Pastor Chris mentors and teaches millions of young people globally as they are exposed to training programs and granted opportunities to minister to their world. A common trait of the members of these various organizations is the same characteristic boldness and conviction that makes Pastor Chris a force of unstoppable good in the world today.

Grace and Apostleship
How one could man be so many things to so many people, and yet maintain such commendable humility? The grace of God expressed in the life and ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome fulfills the scriptures in uniting the body of Christ and causing the whole earth to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the seas. There is no doubt that Pastor Chris is the most notable Christian icon of the decade, and his works are living proof that God Himself is with Pastor Chris as he is propelled by the purpose of bringing all men into their inheritance.