Pastor Chris: The man the world must listen to

Pastor Chris set to host another Global Day of Prayer today
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WHEN the Bible said many are called but few are chosen. People are chosen for different assignments in God’s agenda and no doubt, Pastor Chris has proven that he is the chosen one to lead the Christendom’s end- time army into the rapture of the church.

When he says certain things from the scriptures concerning the times we are, it usually sounds as if he was making up mere sterile academic adventures but remarkably, at all times, just few weeks after most of those forewarning statements, the things he says will begin to happen as he actually said them.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 controversy and the associated issues thereof in the first quarter of last year, anyone who has listened to Pastor Chris in context cannot deny the fact that he speaks the truth as it shown from the Holy Scripture. Many would not believe him as supposed but of all he has said will happen has happened just the way he said they will.

Despite fierce criticisms for his statements on some of the issues around the pandemic and some announced measures national governments were lured into taking, Rev Chris has insisted that most of the control measures are not based on science. Has he not been exonerated now?

Just on 2nd of December 2021 South Carolina Republican Rep. Ralphh Norman submitted a legislation to force the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to release all documents relating to the coronavirus vaccine being administered to Americans and the rest of the world within the next 100 days.

This was a direct response to a request made last month by the US federal agency to prolong releasing data on COVID vaccines for up to 55 years citing protection of business secrets as main reason.

As asked by Foxnews, “How does a vaccine that receives approval in 108 days now require 55 years just to release information on it?” Is this not sounding like the beginning of a bad joke?

Common sense would have demanded that releasing this information will settle the ongoing fierce public debate regarding the adequacy of US FDA’s review process and safety of the vaccine thus increase confidence in the vaccine.

Now the creators and administrating agency is asking to be given 55 years or more before they can tell the world whether their vaccine is safe for human beings or not.

You see the world we are and this has been one of Pastor Chris’ contentions that the entire vaccination scheme is a scam and clear deception for selfish gains by a select few.

As said by Pastor Chris, “We have to keep in prayer and we have to see the world as Jesus wants us to see it. The world that He wants us to have is what we are going to have not what others are telling us.

“They are creating in their minds a new world without churches. They have lied. That’s not going to be, not while we are still here. We are here until the rapture of the church and after the church is caught up they can do what they want until we come back with Jesus.”

Remarkably, “This is the first time in the world that the ineffectiveness of a medicine or vaccine is blamed on those who have not taken it”. How do reconcile this?

Criticism itself is not a bad idea. The obvious influence of such a man as Pastor Chris will definitely make him a subject of discussion. A man who has such a humongous followership or listening base definitely has no small influence. Whether anybody wants to hear this or not, for 6.5 billion people on the face of the earth to tune in to listen to him is a testament that he has a message the world yearns to hear.

The last edition of Pastor Chris International Ministers Conference had 60 million ministers of the gospel from around the world outside his own ministry hook on to hear this end time commander and leader of the Lord’s army.

Rhapsody of realities, his flagship daily devotional, has been translated in 4, 900 languages across the countries and territories of the world and still counting, the most translated literature outside the Bible. Not only is Rhapsody of Realities a study guide, it’s also a foremost evangelical tool that has been adopted by individuals, churches, and organizations around the world in their own languages for effective soul winning.

Recall that the Healing Streams which started in March 2021as a child of necessity from the lockdown across the world was so well received that the world yearned for more. And more came with the second edition in July which generated so much global impact with over 5 billion participants keying-in from across the nations and territories of the world.

Just when sceptics were still contending the humongous figure, the October 2021 edition of the same programme came with a bang as 6.5 billion people hooked on to hear him speak and minister healing to them.

The service which had over 200 nations and territories key- in and watched in 400 language translations that was streamed on thousands of radio and TV stations, websites, all LoveWorld Networks and across various Social Media platforms, is an unarguable attestation that heaven and earth are witnessing something extraordinary.

These are all facts. So why seemeth it impossible as contended by a section of the Christendom that 6.5 billion people could key in to the October edition of the unique service: “Healing Stream Live Service with Pastor Chris” that was beamed to the whole world? How do you explain that to those who have already made up their minds to refuse to believe? Of a surety, this can only be possible by a man with a message that the whole world wants to hear.

Do skeptics still need any convincing to agree that Pastor Chris is a world influencer? How else can you describe that his followers and listeners make up well over a half of the world’s population and still counting?

And what is Pastor Chris’ actual core message to the world this time? “There isn’t much more time. We are on very critical time, very serious that anything you want to do for God, this is the time to do it to serve Him.

“Years ago, we used to tell people, that what’s happening right now was possible but they didn’t believe it, now it’s unfolding in their faces. Jesus talked about these days and he told us that when we see these things happening, we should know that His coming is near. He gave us signs with which to recognize the end of time.

“When the branch is yet tender, you know, the gathering time is near. And what is the gathering? The Gathering is the rapture of the church. So prepare to meet your God.”

Preparing to meet thy God should not be seen as a voice of terror, but that of love from a loving Father. This is the message from Pastor Chris that the world must listen to whether they like it or not! A salute to this God’s end-time General as we celebrate him. more grace sir!

(IFEANYI IZEZE is a Columnist with National Daily Newspapers and can be reached on: [email protected]; 234-8033043009)