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PBATgate(s): What’s Wrong with This Tinubu People Sef?



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Before now, it was widely presumed that the Asiwaju of Lagos has the most sagacious media structure that can handle any case with ease and dismantle it.

But from the confused manner they’ve handled theiYou know when you’ve not gone to other people’s fathers’ farm in your village, you will be thinking that your father’s farm is the biggest out there. r “Oga’s image crisis, it is obvious that nothing gum them at all walahi! By now they should have woken up their dreams to know that ruling and reigning in Lagos is an entirely different ball game from ruling Nigeria.

It is clear that the Tinubu people don’t know how to go about the damage limitation/control campaign and re-engineering of the president’s emerged not-too-decent past and even the present which borders grossly on the integrity and even the person of the man.

No amount of propaganda will work in the issues at stake in this Tinubu’s matter and they should have known that. The only way out is the truth option so we can even begin to talk of restitution and/or atonement. Anything aside this will just be dancing around the mess.

Since 1970 when President Tinubu came under public record to have falsified his academic credentials by claiming to have graduated from a school that was nonexistent, the narrative of his public profile continues to get dirty and messier by the turn of every decade.

The latest in the rigmarole of President Tinubu’s life of forgeries and falsification of documents is the recent declaration by the Chicago State University that it is not the issuer of the certificate that Nigeria’s president presented to INEC in the run up to the 2023 presidential election – an act that constitutionally disqualifies the offender from the election.

Doesn’t it appear suspicious to these small mind handlers and hirelings that their principal had to be dragged to court where he desperately pleaded that his records be kept secret?

And now rather than clarify the obvious inconsistencies in those records, all his responses have been a barrage of insults and throwing of darts at his political opponents.

This certificate/personal background issues would have been better clarified if Tinubu had simply attended interviews/debates prior to the elections like other contenders. But No, it is his turn to rule- Emilokan!

What’s the sense in Tinubu’s people and their hirelings struggling so hard to prove that Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi have issues with the names on some of their certificates also? What is it going to remove from the proven case of perjury or rather outright dubiousness in almost everything about the past and even present life of the man Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

Their efforts could have been geared one hundred percent towards exonerating and cleaning up their badly dented paymaster. But No! Rather they are more eager to prove that Tinubu is not the only culprit in this kind of his bad case. How that’s going to help save their master remains at best blurred and at worst obscured.

Do they know at all that the inconsistencies in BAT’s records were brought to light through a legal process and not a political propaganda and disinformation campaign?

Are they coming up following the similar legal process with hard evidence to prove that Obi and/or Atiku are also culprits in this kind of crime? No! rather they are engaging all sorts of hack writers and voodoo legal experts to interpret the inconsistencies to suit their small and warped minds.

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From everything I have seen coming out from the president’s men and their hirelings, they obviously believe that this matter is just about what the Supreme Court will do or not do to remove or not to remove Tinubu from office. No! it goes far beyond that.

Indeed, he may remain in Aso Rock, but to what end? Many Nigerians were derisively called ‘Wailers’ for criticizing Buhari, and he spent 8 years in Aso Rock himself, but to what end? Haven’t BAT (who bragged about seeing to Buhari’s emergence) and his men been saying that they inherited a terrible economy and a badly divided country from Buhari?

The scandal will even be more damaging to the President and even more to the country if he is allowed to continue in office. This is the truth! The problem with this country is that people in and around government either by demonic manipulation or by outright commission show every day that they lack the willpower to think deep on issues that borders on our national welfare and wellbeing as a country.

Obviously, if he continues in office, it means we are back again to another grossly diminished Presidency even worse than the preceding one where we had to cope with a president who was brain dead and allegedly died several times in office only to be covered by a body-double one of them named Jubrin al Sudani and several Jubrins from Niger Republic.

It is not funny because we all were witnesses to how the country under Buhari was ran by individuals who ordinarily would not have had any business directing the affairs of the nation. The economy was completely messed up. One man was the sole administrator of everything Forex as concerned the Central Bank of Nigeria. One man was unilaterally in charge of everything crude oil sale and petroleum products imports into the country. One market woman was collecting N500 billion every month to feed school children in their parents’ houses during the Covid-19 lockdown. How many can we count?

Now because of the peculiar situation Tinubu has found himself, a marked Boko Haram terrorist kingpin/sponsor is the one representing Nigeria in international fora simply because the man who should have been attending these meetings is not only sick and mentally challenged but also badly smeared and branded as international crook, fraudster and drug kingpin and could not face the shame of being taken up by foreign media on the allegations.

How is the President going to regain the trust of so many Nigerians and that of the wider world? How is he going to overcome the handicap without wasting time and the very scarce resources of Nigeria on image laundering and disinformation? You see that the thing is deeper than some folks want us to believe.

If only Tinubu can harken to the wise counsel of Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo in his classic piece, “The second draft of President Bola Tinubu’s Resignation Letter” to say to Nigerians: My fellow countrymen and women, youths of our great country hear me out “Along a tedious journey like this one, I made some mistakes.

“Truth be told; I was not a model citizen. I took shortcuts in my youthful exuberance to shine and make my family proud of me. I did some things that I should not have done. I sincerely regret those things that I did, which were unethical and unbecoming of someone who desired to lead others.

“Leadership is not only about ideas, profits, and getting things done; it is also about morality, integrity, and doing the right things. I am sure that when you hear my real story, the odds that were stacked against me from birth, you will find in your heart the will to forgive.”

This is why I talked of restitution, atonement so we can begin to talk about forgiveness or otherwise. Dancing around the mess is self-deceit of the highest order. God bless Nigeria!

(IFEANYI IZEZE writes from Abuja: [email protected]; 234-8033043009)

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