Prices of major household commodities have increased significantly in the past two weeks as the Christmas festive season approaches.

According to the latest household survey, a big basket of tomatoes increased significantly to N10,000, while a big bag of dry onions spiked significantly by 122% to sell at N40,000. A bag of new onions costs N30,000 from an initial N13,000 which indicates 130.8% increase.

Meanwhile, the prices of foreign rice brands have dropped to an average of N26,750 from N28,000 sold two weeks ago, while the price of locally made rice now sells for an average of N21,375 from N21,750.

A 50kg bag of beans (oloyin) now sells for an average of N13,000 compared to N12,875 recorded two weeks ago, indicating a 1% increase. A bag of white beans increased by 1.2% as it now sells for an average of N21,250 as against N21,000 recorded last two weeks.

A 50kg bag of yellow garri rose by 2.1% as it sells for an average of N6,125 from an initial average of N6,000. The price of a big basket of Irish potatoes increased from an initial N20,000 to N22,000. This change indicates a 10% increase in the price of the commodity within the space of two weeks.

A big basket of round shaped tomatoes increased significantly by 11.1% to sell at an average of N10,000 from an initial N9,000.

The price of a big basket of oval-shaped tomatoes also witnessed a significant increase of 14.3%, as it now sells for N8,000 compared to an initial N7,000.

The price of maize varies, depending on the freshness of the item. A visit to Mile 12 market showed that a bag of yellow maize costs N21,000, while that of white maize costs N19,000. However, at Mushin market, a bag of yellow maize sells for an average of N13,000, while white maize costs N11,500. A paint bucket of yellow maize and white maize is sold for N500 and N450 respectively.