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Priotise security, Uwak urges Federal Govt, states



Priotise security, Uwak urges Federal Govt, states
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A former member of the House of Representatives, Robinson Uwak, has said Nigeria is gradually descending into anarchy with the high rate of insecurity in the country.

Robinson Uwak said it was dangerous for the survival and progress of the country for its territories to be ceded to criminal elements who are currently wrecking havoc across the country, National Daily Newspaper gathered.

No nation attracts the needed investment and achieves the necessary growth and overall well being of its citizens when swaths of its territory are under the control of criminal non-state actors,” Robinson Uwak said.

Uwak continued, “I am worried by the increasing descent to lawlessness and the turn into a  failing state.”

Robinson Uwak said the security strategy to be implemented must not be that of witch-hunt of political opponents or self-preservation of the ruling elite but that of protection of lives and properties of the people and putting in place law and order in the entire country, National Daily Newspaper gathered.


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Uwak said there must be two approaches to solving the security challenges with a soft approach, which is ensuring employment opportunities to the teeming youths in productive sectors and engaging all genuine grievances, and the hard approach would be the deployment of modern equipment to end the nefarious activities of non-state actors, National Daily Newspaper gathered.

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