Quick 10 thoughts of Barcelona’s 4-0 bashing by a ruthless PSG side

  1. Well…Paris is the city of love after all! 14th of Feb. Happy Valentine’s day. 4 goals? Damn it! Curse it! Shit!
  2. This is what happened in summary: A well prepared team who has had the bitter taste of loosing to Barca partnered with a well prepared coach who hates but has had the very bitter taste of loosing to Barca, refused to go down.
  3. I’d ask for Lucho’s head. But on a second thought, I won’t. He went for experience and decided to field Inesta against Rafinha or Rakitic. Gomes is not exactly terrible but in Lucho’s head Denis Suarez should be protected from fatigue (or from something only Lucho sees).
  4. But I’d gladly ask for Lucho’s back. Time to go bro! Why? To start with; No more tikitaka. Your new found style, tikiwaka, isn’t exactly sustainable or at least dependable. It’s so not domineering that I’m the only one who has successfully put a name to the style.
  5. What I’d do differently: Ironically, same thing we have known to always do. Hold the ckufing ball. Possession! Just play the ball out of the legs of the French side.
  6. What can the defense do without Javier Mascherano? Nothing much.
  7. Now did I not personally write a letter to Lucho to buy Draxler and Continho last season?
  8. Messi’s going. Ronaldo too.
  9. Still possible for PSG not to qualify. Just pray Messi doesn’t ressurect.
  10. Matuidi is a rock. Why is Di Maria not always this good?