See how north dominates recruitment of 9,036 Police constables in Nigeria

There are indications of relative disquiets over the recruitment of Constables into the Nigeria Police, a process alleged to have given more slots to the northern states.

Report indicated that Nasarawa State, the home state of the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, as well as the Deputy Inspector-General of Police in charge of Training, DIG Yakubu Jibrin, got the highest slot of 528, while Katsina State follows with 435, then, Kano State 403.

The full list, according to the report, shows that:  Nasarawa State leads with 528 recruits, an average of 41 per local government among the 13 local governments; Katsina State, home of President Muhammadu Buhari, had 435 slots, an average of 13 per local government.

Niger State – 396 slots; Benue State – 368 slots; Akwa Ibom – 332 slots; Osun State – 320 recruits; Oyo State – 312 slots, Kaduna – 307 slots; Kogi State – 304 slots; Jigawa State – 280 slots; Borno State – 274 recruits; Imo State – 266; Rivers State – 259; Adamawa State 249; Delta State 225; Anambra State 192; Bauchi State 232; Bayelsa State 71; Cross River State 188; Ebonyi State 150; Edo State 178; Ekiti State 180; Enugu State 185; FCT – 120 slots; Gombe State 171; Kebbi State 272; Kwara State 169; Lagos State 196; Ogun State 184; Ondo State 214; Plateau State 208; Sokoto State 192; Taraba State 211; Yobe State 155; and Zamfara State 129.

Bayelsa State got the least slots.

President Muhammadu Buhari had directed the recruitment of 10,000 Police constables to strengthen community policing within local governments across the country.