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See the health benefits of carrots



See the health benefits of carrots
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Carrots are root vegetables that can always be found in the salad market. They are yellowish red in colour. They can be eaten raw, included in salads and can also be cooked and eaten with fried rice.

But do you know that eating this vegetable regularly can help you prevent a lot of diseases. We shall be discussing these medical conditions you may prevent through regular consumption of carrots in this article.

1. Obesity.

Obesity is one condition that has been linked to a lot of diseases which includes diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and even cancers. But according to Healthline, regular consumption of carrots can help you to loose some weight.

2. Diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease associated with a malfunctioning of the pancreas- the gland that produces insulin. This malfunction normally result in inefficiency in the metabolism of glucose.

According to Healthline, consuming carrots regularly can help reduce your risk of getting diabetes.

3. Heart diseases.

Carrots contain beta carotene which the body can convert to vitamin A. This vitamin has been associated with decreased risk of getting heart diseases.

Carrots also contain lycopene and may also help you to loose weight due to its fiber content. All these may reduce a person’s risk of getting heart diseases.

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