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Senate pleads with NLC to avert strike



Senate pleads with NLC to avert strike
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The Senate on Monday pleaded with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to reconsider the planned national strike for Wednesday to save the country from being grounded.

The Senators noted that the strike will have devastating effects on everyday Nigerian, saying that the national strike would cause extreme hardship in Nigeria.

The federal lawmakers at plenary on Monday, acknowledged right of the NLC to protest, but argued that “it is crucial to weigh this against the potential fallout that could greatly affect citizens’ daily lives and livelihoods.

“With the Nigerian economy still reeling from the effects of the global pandemic and the ongoing recovery efforts, a widespread labour strike could further strain the economy, leading to inflation, scarcity of goods and services, and significant inconvenience to the populace.”

The Senate assured of its commitment to constructive dialogue with the NLC to resolving industrial dispute.

“By focusing on negotiation and communication, it is hoped that a compromise can be reached that safeguards the rights and interests of the workers, while also ensuring the smooth functioning of the nation’s economy,” the senators declared.

The federal lawmakers also urged relevant stakeholders, including the Federal Government and private sector representatives, to join in the dialogue with the NLC. “Such a broad-based discussion, it is hoped, would lead to a more comprehensive and long-lasting solution to the issues at hand,” they said.