Shiites brace up for bloody clash Tuesday

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The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (Shiites) has raised the alarm that the President Muhammadu Buhari government is orchestrating effort to kill journalist and security personnel during the group procession on Tuesday.

The organisation, however, insists it is ready to go ahead with the procession, Ashura, which it said it is a mournng procession observed all over the world–as peacefully s possible.

The group, in a statement said, “We therefore call on security personnel, journalists and members of the public to be particularly extra vigilant.”

“The general Public, media and the international community should now hold the government responsible for the false flag operation should violence breakout during our usual Ashurah commemoration tomorrow Tuesday.”

It added that the government has already sponsored banner headlines in select Nigerian Newspapers, obviously in preparation for falsely unleashing unprecedented violence in our name.

“We want the world to however note that our event tomorrow is a peaceful solemn mourning procession that would not harm anybody and it is a religious duty to us.

“Similar mourning events and processions, like all other religious duties and obligations, are seen to be observed worldwide.

“It is worth remembering that in all the years since the Ashura procession started in Nigeria, participants have never once resorted to violence even in the face of a bloody history of attacks against them by the brutal might of the state.

“The government and anyone else involved in these nefarious plans must therefore be called to order, to uphold the rights of the participants and ensure their total protection everywhere.

“The Buhari government should particularly be held responsible for any harm that may be inflicted on the persons and properties of Ashura mourners or indeed anyone.”