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Signs of liver, kidney or bladder problems that may be noticeable in urine



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Our urine has alot to say about our health status and how healthy the organs in charge of processing urine are. Most people when the kidneys, bladder or the liver is problematic, it reflects in the colouring of the urine but due to lack of information or ignorance on their part, they don’t uncover the symptoms and note the handwriting on the wall on time.

So in this article in line with a publication on Healthline, we are going to be having a look at some of the signs of liver, kidney or bladder issues that may be Noticeable in urine. Just sit tight and enjoy this eye-opening article.

What Are The Signs Of Liver, Kidney Or Bladder Issues That May Be Noticeable In Urine?

1. According to research, when a person’s kidneys or liver is having issues, he or she may produce cloudy urine. The truth is that, it doesn’t just end with cloudiness of urine, it is true that if your urine colour changes to cloudy, and remains that way for long, you should book an appointment with a doctor but it isn’t just about cloudiness of urine.

2. secondly, appearance of blood in the urine or if you notice that your urine has become more dark red than it used to be. Blood in urine is a sign of kidney issues and could also be a sign of bladder problems. So it doesn’t just end in cloudy urine, bloody urine even if it’s very small should not be swept under the carpet for any reason to avoid getting to know about your kidneys or liver problems late.

3. Thirdly, unusually strong smell from urine could also be a sign of kidney, liver or bladder problems. If you notice a stronger than normal odour coming from your urine and perhaps if it remains that way for long, then you should go see a doctor for proper checkup.

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