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If you inherited Boko Haram, did you inherit banditry? – Daniel Bwala asks Festus Keyamo



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The presidential campaign spokesperson of the Atiku-Okowa 2023 campaign, Daniel Bwala while reacting to the series of questions posed to him by journalists on Trust TV Politics Daily said that if Buhari Government said they inherited Boko Haram, what about Banditry? Bwala said,

“Well, when I talk, I quote them. I don’t talk about what we say I’m talking about what they say, the president of Nigeria recently said that he is fed up because he has given all the logistics and the finances that the security agencies need to fight these insurgents and he wonders why they cannot bring the result. Do you remember? After the jailbreak he appeared in Kuje and say I am disappointed with the intelligence, nobody paid for it.

“When they threatened they were going to abduct him, you would have thought that the government would take decisive steps to end this. And so all we’re saying is that excuses of we inherited this we inherited that will not work because you did not inherit banditry. If you say you inherited Boko Haram and look at the Niger Delta. They have failed in their promises of security. They have failed woefully in their promises to the economy. And you only need to see the statistics and the facts.

“And they have also failed in the fight against corruption you haven’t asked me? Well, let me just close by telling you that just even today, the final reports on the EFCC said that about 114 or so billion fraud cases were abandoned by the former chair and I think about 40 Something billion again, could not be remitted.”


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