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Teenage boy lays eggs



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A 14-year-old boy has ‘left doctors baffled after laying an egg in front of them’.
Teenager Akmal was supposedly brought to the clinic by his family who claim he has laid 20 eggs in the last two years.
Medics have said it is impossible for poultry eggs to develop inside a human – and, unsurprisingly, they suspect the eggs were put inside the youngster.
Akmal, from Gowa, Indonesia, has even been X-rayed, with his family claiming this is proof he is telling the truth.
His dad Rusli told local media: “In two years he laid 18 eggs and 2 today, so in total there have been 20. I cracked the first egg and its content was all yellow, no white.
“A month later I cracked another one, and its content was all white and no yellow.”
A hospital spokesman said: “Our suspicion is that the eggs were deliberately shoved into Akmal’s rectum.
“But we did not see it directly.”
The youngster has been placed in quarantine in the Syekh Yusuf Hospital in Gowa, so doctors can keep a close eye on him.

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