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The new reality of Facebook name change to Metaverse Platforms Inc



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By Celestine Mel

The Facebook App is not changing to Meta. That is simply incorrect and false. Like Google Inc. changed its name to Alphabet Inc – a holding company in 2015, to reflect the new reality, considering that they had expanded and bought many other tech subsidiaries such as Calico, CapitalG, DeepMind, Google, Google Fiber, GV, Sidewalk Labs, Verily , X, Waymo and Wing, Facebook Inc. has just changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc. This change is in sync with their bid to restructure the business as they have acquired other tech subsidiaries such as WhatsApp, Instagram ($1 billion), Oculus VR ($2 billion), com (undisclosed sum), LiveRail ($500 million), Threadsy (undisclosed sum), etc., and are aiming to create a new metaverse where augmented reality fuses with social networking for better user experience.

We need to note that Facebook has acquired 78 companies over the past 15 years alone and therefore cannot continue to operate as a single-product organization offering Facebook alone when indeed other platforms from it are being enjoyed daily.

The recent change has nothing to do with the Facebook App, which is one out of may offerings of the Meta Platforms Inc.

  • Celestine Mel is a celebrated Columnist

Facebook is Facebook. Meta is its holding company. Know this and know peace.

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