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Indonesia to block Facebook, Google, WhatsApp



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The Indonesian authorities are set to block social media applications and online sites including Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

The country’s Ministry of Communications and Informatics said on Tuesday that if they failed to register, they would be blocked for several days.

The digital giants were given time until Wednesday to complete the registration for licensing, otherwise, the ministry would name them illegal and unlawful in the country.

“We have warned all local and foreign tech companies, including online services, sites, and application providers, many times that they have to register if they do not want to risk being blocked.

“We have given them time since six months ago,’’ the ministry’s Director General for Information Applications, Samuel Abrijani told reporters.

The registration is part of the country’s new regulation starting from January 2022, saying all tech platforms must secure licenses to be able to operate.

The regulation would allow the authorities to order the platforms to take down any contents considered unlawful, inappropriate, and “disturb public order,’’ within four hours if deemed urgent, and 24 hours if not.

The Indonesian government is currently trying to reduce the spreading of misinformation and hoaxes, particularly ahead of the country’s general election in 2024.