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U.S. Lawmakers move to unravel root source of COVID-19, unanimously pass bill requiring Biden to declassify COVID origin documents



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Lawmakers in the United States (U.S.) have moved to unravel the origin of COVID-19, the virus which devastated the entire world in 2020. Both chambers of the U.S. legislature are unanimous in the passage of a bill to make the administration of President Joe Biden declassify all documents related to the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives are united in the passage of the bill.

Republican Senate Rand Paul from Kentucky, pointed out that prominent figures within the U.S. health establishment, primarily former National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and former National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director, Francis Collins, were involved in a “cover up” of the U.S. government’s involvement in financing risky virus research in China.

According to Sen. Paul, “I think it’s the biggest cover up, probably, in the history of science.

“And we will get to the bottom of this.

The U.S. House of Representatives trailed the Senate as the lawmakers voted unanimously to pass a bill to compel the Biden administration to declassify all documents related to the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak. The bill is expected to be sent to President Joe Biden for accent.

The House defied partisanship in the passage of the bill by all the 419 members who voted in support of the legislation, “COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023”.

The legislation when signed by President Biden is anticipated to put pressure on the Director of National Intelligence to declassify all documents relating to the origins of the COVID-19 virus, redacting only those portions of the materials necessary to protect sources and methods.

The U.S. lawmakers commenced the legislation to declassify the documents and more thoroughly investigate the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak after the reports that the U.S. Department of Energy concluded that the virus outbreak “most likely” originated from a Chinese lab leak.

The conclusion was made with “low confidence” in a “classified intelligence report.” The FBI also believed that the virus likely escaped from a Chinese laboratory.

There were evidence indicating that the U.S. government has been funding virus research at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, the institute many suspected the virus leaked.

Senator Hawley of Missouri had disclosed that his office received message from officials of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) requesting him to scrap the measure to declassify COVID origins.


The Senator in a letter to the Chinese President, Xi Jinping declared:  “The bill will soon be law – unless you can convince President Biden to veto it. “Time is up. Come clean about your role in spreading COVID to the world.”

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