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UBE-approved social study textbook teaches masturbation



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Bello Abdullahi a concerned father has claimed that a Social Study textbook officially recommended to be used by Junior Secondary School 1 pupils has been found to teach them how to masturbate.

He claims that the textbook, authored by one S.O. Omotuyole, recommends masturbation as a form of skill that saves children from engaging in pre-marital sex.

The textbook is entitled, Religion and National Values: Social Studies for Universal Basic Education 7 (JSS1).

Page 50 of the said book, as posted on Mr. Abdullahi’s Facebook wall, contains a guidance on “Ways to give and receive sexual pleasure and develop closeness without sexual intercourse.”

The ‘ways’ include the following:
1) Kissing
2) Hugging
3) Touching
4) Companionship
5) Mutual masturbation
6) Sharing inmate(sic) thought feelings
7) Sharing fun
8) Sharing sadness and joy
9) Supporting each other.

The review questions then go on to ask:
1) Define abstinence
2) Explain how to stay abstinent
3) Enumerate reasons for abstaining from sexual intercourse.
4) Mentions skills and behaviour that enhance abstinence.
5) State benefits of abstinence
6) Enumerate facts about abstinence.

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He had tagged his post, ‘Brethren, what can we do about this? Subject: Masturbation is being taught in our schools as an abstinence skills.’

Abdullahi, who says the matter requires urgent intervention by the authorities, says,

“A Universal Basic Education textbook, a completely Nigerian initiative for JSS1 students, contains lessons on how to masturbate.”

The man claims that the UBE-approved textbook teaches masturbation as a way of curbing children from engaging in real sex act.

He laments that what the textbook actually referred to as abstinence “is simply alternative ways of having sex.”


He then goes on to post a scan of the textbook and the page allegedly containing the said text.

He urges parents to keep a close watch on what is being taught their children in school, stressing the need to “re-educate them in line with scriptures.”

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