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UK, Nigeria on war path over Diezani loot



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Acting Chairman of the EFCC and the United Kingdom crime unit investigating former oil minister Diezani Alison Madueke are falling apart.

Ibrahim Magu has said the EFCC is now seeking the extradition of Alison-Madueke because the United Kingdom authorities have failed to take legal action against her despite since 2015.

According to him, the commission is equipped to successfully prosecute the former minister who has been accused of mismanaging oil funds to the tune of $20bn.

“She was being investigated even before I assumed office. So, it has taken so long and it is very unreasonable that she is not being tried there,” he told journalists in Abuja on Monday.

“So we are tired of waiting and that was why I said if you cannot prosecute her, bring her and we will prosecute her. There is no prosecution going on in the UK.”

Magu noted the EFCC is involved in the investigation in Nigeria, America and London.

“We have worked and sat together. We cannot wait endlessly. I think three years and above is sufficient for you to take her to court.”