5 things women said when they saw this man’s giant tongue

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By Ediale Kingsley
The primary functions of a man’s tongue is to assist the mouth to taste and speak. What other reasons women thought when they first saw this man’s face on social media would completely crack you up. Gross or sexy?
Here are what the top 5 savage statements made:
1. “This man will be very useful in washing up plates by licking. We just need to add soap to his tongues”.
2. “I know some other women think this is sexy and have their minds on the erotic foreplays, but this man can lick away all your eggs and ovaries. After one lick you could go barren”.
3. “Snakeman. This is disgusting and erotic at the same time depends on your home training. I was train to kill or kinds of stake with a stick. Some women will use another weapon to kill this snake. Kill is kill”.
4. “If his tongue is this big…let’s leave the rest to imaginations”
5. “This man could have a career in tongue-lashing”