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UNILAG contemplates hostels shutdown over COVID-19 scare



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Following COVID-19 scare on campus, authorities of the University of Lagos may consider shutting down hostels in the school to prevent a major panic among students and lecturers on campus.

According to reliable sources within the campus, the Senate of the school has called for a meeting scheduled for Wednesday where decisions on the matter shall be taken.

“It should be a short meeting. We will be deciding on whether hostels should be shut and if physical classes should continue. Some of the students are already leaving the hostels even before our decision,” the academic staff said.

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One of the students, who resides in one of the hostels on the university campus, said many people are falling sick with the symptoms. “We don’t know what is happening. Many of us have to start going home instead of sleeping in the hostel.”

Another student confirmed that her roommate tested positive and had been isolated.

“Yes, one of my roommates tested positive. After that, we (other roommates) went for the COVID-19 test but returned negative. People are saying that there is Delta variant on campus but I don’t know how true that is,” the undergraduate added.

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The management of the university also confirmed that UNILAG medical centre has recorded an increase in the number of patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

It also confirmed that the institution is being affected by a potential third wave of coronavirus in a ‘COVID-19 pandemic update’ published on the university’s website on Tuesday.

The statement read, “The University of Lagos Medical Centre wishes to inform all members of the University of Lagos Community about what appears to be the start of a potential 3rd wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Lagos State.

“The University of Lagos community has also been affected by this potential 3rd wave, with an increase in the number of patients presented to the University of Lagos Medical Centre with flu-like symptoms which are similar to COVID-19.

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