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COVID-19:  Fully vaccinated persons suffer higher mortality rate, says report



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A new research conducted in the UK has revealed that fully vaccinated individuals are suffering an eight times higher mortality rate than non-vaccinated individuals.

According to the report, 62% of those dying from COVID are people who have been vaccinated. It also noted that while natural immunity produces more “general” antibodies that work against all sorts of variants, the COVID vaccine — consisting of spike protein bioweapons being injected into human guinea pigs as part of a global medical experiment — provides little or no immunity against viral variants.

“It means that people who have chosen the vaccine route instead of the natural immunity route will be forever dependent on “booster” shots to try to address each new variant as mutations appear in the wild.

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“This means repeated injections with more bioweapons, and it means the covid vaccines that were originally promoted as a pathway to “freedom” and immunity are no such thing. It’s more like an addiction to the needle, because you need endless injections just to stay current, since viruses constantly mutate in the wild.

According to the author of the report, Mike Adams, while a naturally immune person has achieved true freedom with a fully functioning immune system, a vaccine-dependent person has no general protections and must live in constant fear that a new mutation will suddenly render their existing, limited antibodies completely obsolete.

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“They’ve found the ultimate power trip scam, and they’re going to keep pushing it as long as they can. And for those who are willing to be obedient sheeple — mostly Democrats and Leftists, of course — this means never-ending enslavement under the Pandemic Virus Industrial Complex.

“But for many people, after taking the vaccine and multiple booster shots, they will be lucky to even be alive. Mass vaccine deaths are right around the corner, and about half the country is at risk of being killed by the vaccines they took, oblivious to the fact that the vaccines were all engineered as depopulation bioweapons from the very start.