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We arrest Boko Haram Insurgents everyday in Lagos – 81 Div GOC



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The General Officer Commanding (GOC), 81 Division of the Nigerian Army, Maj Gen Isidore Henry Edet in Lagos on Sunday made a shocking revelation that the military arrest Boko Haram insurgents on a daily basis in Lagos.

As a result, he called on the soldiers to be at alert to mop up any insurgent that sneaks into Lagos or neighbouring states.

The GOC, who was making a remark at the Inter- Denominational Service organised to commemorate the Nigerian Army Celebration Day (NADCEL) at Saint Charles Lwanga Catholic Church in Ikeja Cantonment, added that this was not a time to recline rather to consolidate victory against terrorist.

Gen Edet explained, “Almost on a daily basis, we arrest Boko Haram members that flee into Lagos just like they flee to other places.

“They have seen that the war is being won so they are running, so the army in conjunction with other security agencies arrest them almost on a daily basis.

“They always deny when we ask them questions that they are not members of the sect, but when we probe further, they reveal how, where they fought, how they killed soldiers, how they detonated bombs in post office in Maiduguri and so on.

“We send them to the higher authorities to do what the laws and the constitution of Nigeria says should do with them,” he said.

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While expressing joy for witnessing another NADCEL, the GOC said the officers and soldiers in the army have the cause to appreciate God adding that many colleagues had died while fighting Boko Haram in the North East.

“So we have every reason for those that are still alive to thank God for giving us victory against Boko Haram.

He further stated that about a year ago, Nigerian army was an object of public ridicule, to the extent that those of them in uniforms could no longer walk comfortably on the streets because the public would “always say go and fight Boko Haram and stop making noise.


“But we thank today that the Almighty God who trained our hands for war has taken the shame away.

While acknowledging the fact that security was everybody’s business, the GOC reiterated that terrorism orchestrated by Boki Haram has taught everyone to be security conscious.

Maj Gen Edet, therefore, warned soldiers to be careful of the company they keep, and telephone conversation.

The Chaplain, Lt.-Col. I. G. Mairiga, who spoke on the topic: “Divine Intervention” said the soldiers need divine intervention in the barracks to save life, “when we go to war and face the enemy or when we set out on daily basis.”

Similarly, a special Juma’at prayer was also conducted in Dodan Barracks prayer ground on July 1, as part of activities to commemorate the 2016 Nigerian Army Day Celebration.