Contract staff strength in banking sector rises 64% in Q3 2018 – NBS


Contract Staff strength in the banking sector increased by 64.56% year on year as total number of contract staff as at the end of the third quarter of 2018 stood at 44,484 as against27,032 during the review period in  2017,  according to National Bureau of Statistics report of November 2018.

The NBS report tagged “Selected Banking Sector Data” Q3 has a total staff strength of 102, 821 in the banking sector. Out of this number, 40, 395 are junior staff, 17, 729 account for Senior staff while 213 are executive staff.

According to the report, out of the 44,484 contract staff of all the Deposit Money Banks 44,124 are staff of Commercial Banks, 32 are of Microfinance Banks while 328 are of Non Interest Banks.

Out of the total number of 40,395 junior staff, 39,731 are of commercial banks, 287 of Microfinance Banks while 377 are of Non Interest Banks.

In the senior staff category 17,479 out of the 17,729 Senior staff are of commercial banks, 175 are of Microfinance Banks while 75 are of Non Interest Banks.
Out of the 213 executive staff, 181 are of commercial banks, 22 of Microfinance Banks while 10 are of Non Interest Banks.

Therefore the total staff strength of 102,821 which has a 24.21% year on year growth as against the total number of 82,840 staff in Q3 of 2017 stands at 101,515 for Commercial banks, 516 for Microfinance Banks and 790 for Non Interest Banks.