Fashion Trends Forecast 2016

By Milicent Arebun

Happy New Year style lovers. For the fashionista, a new year connotes “fresh start” style-wise. It’s time to start building the style wardrobe of the year and it can be daunting to decide, what should be kept or tossed. This can be particularly worrisome for the style lover who is confronted with a style closet that may just be obsolete or un-trendy.

The secret solution known to fashion veterans, stylists and editors who constantly have to predict, wear and style ever revolving trends is, upgrade your closet with a few new key trendy pieces, while reforming the old pieces.

2016 promises to be a very exciting year for style changelings with the current list of trends forecast we have curated for you below.

  1. Laced up
  2. Bare Shoulders
  3. White Shirt Redux
  4. Lingerie by Day
  5. Art Class
  6. Pretty Pleats
  7. Ruffled Up
  8. Let It Shine
  9. Stripes
  10. Victorian Rules
  11. That’s a Wrap
  12. Get Tied Up
  13. Boxy jackets
  14. Sporty Chic
  15. Maxi and oversize

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