Improve our welfare package, Customs Officers tell CG Ali

With the recent sack of some junior and senior officers of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) for various act of misconduct, some personnel of the NCS have called on the Comptroller General, Hamed Ali to improve their welfare package in order to enhance their efficiency and reduce corruption.

National Daily gathered from one of the officers who did not want his name in print that the Customs management does not show they are interested in the welfare of officers especially those posted to border areas to patrol creeks.

He said despite the meagre monthly take home pay, some of them while on official patrol are still required to maintain and fuel their patrol vehicles hence they are encourage to look the other way.

“The CG promised to increase our welfare when he came in but till today nothing has happened. There are some monies we had about seven month ago was released for our bonuses and allowances  to be paid but till today we did not hear anything about it again. 10 kobo has not been increase to our salary and none of our allowances has been paid.”

He added that they face harassment and various attacks from suspected smugglers in the course of their operation.

“We face a lot of hazards in our operation. Sometimes it is harassment from passersby, some challenge you with weapons, some will come in group when you arrest their contraband and attack the team. Sometimes we lost our rifles; sometimes they burn our vehicles and even killed some officers,” he said.

Other officers claimed that while they are in support of the ongoing cleansing in the NCS, Customs officers’ welfare should be given a lot more consideration so that they will not be lured into corrupt practices.

They asserted that officers’ welfare need to be improved upon so that they will not have any excuse to go into any act of corruption.