PDP accuses Okorocha of constructing bad roads in Imo

    From EMEKA NWULU, Owerri

    THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state has accused Gov. Anayo Rochas Okorocha APC led administration of bias, favouritism and corrupt state of government.
    In maiden press briefing, the opposition party Chairman Chief Barr. Charles Ezekwem said corruption has become the trade mark of the APC led administration in the state as a place where anything can go by.

    He described the Gov. as a leader without conscience in an ideal sense of governance to the people.

    He said the government is busy building shanty roads and mimicking tunnels that can easily collapse at any giving time endangering the life of the people.

    He opined that APC as a party will only last 4yrs in its administration without any achievement and must hand-over power back to the opposition party in 2019.

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    He read in black and white the existing biting condition of the state and National economic situation in the country and said it is insincerity of the present administration that led to the severe sufferings of the people.

    He accused the Gov. of stealing all funds meant to develop the state and pay workers their salaries as at when due.

    Chief Ezekwem called on the present administration to stop been wicked to those that voted him into power and more especially, his kin supporters in the state.

    According to him, there is drive of financial recklessness, diversion of public money that led to slash of terrible salaries of the state workers and been owed 8 months without payment with hard labour.

    He said the Gov. is busy gallivanting in another country with his in-laws, some of his aides and wife who travelled with him for Omugwo trip of his grandson.
    He described the Gov. as a Nebuchadnezzar of the time who has decide to engage the state with administrative mischief to scuttle his people.