Sen. Sani faces recall

Senator Shehu Sani’s constituents have vowed to start a recall process against him for criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressive Congress Party as well as deviating from the mandate that was given to him

A group called the Concerned Indigenes of Kaduna Central Senatorial District said on Monday since his election into the National Assembly, Senator Sani has not achieved any tangible result except engaging on social media war.
Leader of the group, Aliyu Saidu, who also claimed to be Senator Sani’s Deputy Campaign Director in the 2015 election, accused the senator of deviating from what the party and his constituency sent him to do at the National Assembly.

According to Said, rather than investing his legislative resources and privileges to better the conditions of his constituents, Sani has chosen to be at the forefront of pulling down his party and leaders
 “No individual, no matter how highly positioned, is above the party. We therefore call on the party to initiate disciplinary action against the senator because allowing thus madness to go unpunished will only embolden other rebels.
“We the people of Kaduna Central are saying enough is enough. Senator Shehu Sani’s three years in the Senate have been nothing but betrayal and a crime against our people.
“This recall process will proceed apace. There is no quitting, no giving up and surrendering until we restore our Kaduna Central, the kind of representation it deserves.”
He said the group would no longer wait “for any committee of reconciliation because time is moving and by the time the report is ready, election would have been around the corner.”
But reacting to the threat, Senator Sani said he would continue to criticize the anti-peoples policy of the government.
Senior Special Adviser on Politics and Ideology to the senator,  Suleiman Ahmed, told a press conference at the Nigeria Union of Journalists’ Secretariat, that Gov. Nasir el-Rufai and his cabals are sponsoring the campaign of calumny.

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