Seun Kuti makes comments about Big Brother Naija


Son of the Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti,  Seun Kuti says there is no cause for celebration when the whole nation is suffering. According to him, ‘I believe that the fact someone from the Niger Delta won the BBA nonsense is very accurate. I mean what other region has been fucked by international extractors more.‘While the majority jubilate when one of them is given peanuts in return for their suffering. Someone has won but the nation stays losing! Another big L for Nigeria and I don’t mean the late talent.’He went on to state that Big Brother Naija mobilised youth more than the 2015 general elections did.‘When Big Brother’s celebration of senseless consumerism and misdirection gets more young people voting than our national elections and candidates, we just need to raise better people, shikena.‘I mean I thought we Fela kids were the ‘no do wells’ and the uncouth! How come we care so much? Re evaluate yourself. ‘What have you learnt in the past 90 days that you couldn’t have learnt just paying attention to your own life?’