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Tailor gave girl N100, raped her all day



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Ayuba Salihu, 32, on Thursday told the Niger State Child Right Protection Agency how he lured and sexually abused an eight-year-old pupil with N100.
“I saw her in front of my shop crying that she misplaced N100 out of the money she sold from pure water and I gave her the N100,” said Salihu, a tailor and resident of New Market, near Gwari Market in Chanchaga Local Government Area.
“I am sorry to have engaged in such an act with a little girl, I promise never to repeat such act again, please forgive me,” Mr. Salihu pleaded with the agency.
The victim’s grandmother told the agency that the victim was sent to buy N50 pepper in the morning of August 26, but did not return home till 9 p.m.
“I became worried when she did not return home early.
“I called my step-son and we both went round looking for her because we thought she had been kidnapped.
“It was during the search that we saw her walking to the house at night.
“I asked where she had been and she did not respond until my step-son started beating her that she told us where she was.
“She confessed that a man, who is a tailor in the market, has been having sexual intercourse with her anytime she passes the area.”
According to the grandmother, the girl said the man took her to a corner and sexually abused her.
The grandmother said that she reported the matter to officials of Drug and Crime is Haram (DC Haram) who arrested the suspect and brought him to the agency.
The victim said that the suspect lured her into his shop while hawking pure water and forcefully dragged her to a deserted area and had sex with her.
“He called me that he wanted to buy pure water, after buying the water, he held my hand and told me that we should go and flirt.
“I told him no, but he forcefully dragged me to a lonely area and brought out his male organ and penetrate me.
“He has had carnal knowledge of me five times and after the act, sometimes he would give me N10, N50 and N100 and warned me not to tell anyone or else, he would deal with me,” the girl said.
The Director-General of the agency, Mariam Kolo, said that the suspect would be handed over to the police for further investigation.

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